Do Maine Coons Chuff?

Black Maine Coon Cat: Do Maine Coons Chuff?

If you’ve heard your black Maine coon cat making sounds you cannot quite explain, then you probably want to know, do Maine Coons chuff? Click here to view our available kittens for sale.

Cats make all sorts of odd vocalizations, and they can be quite difficult to interpret if you do not know what to look for.

Maine Coons do not chuff in the same way that wild cats, particularly tigers, are known to do. However, some people refer to various Maine Coon vocalizations as chuffing. If your cat quickly exhales, this may be considered a chuff. It can mean many things from annoyance to contentment.

Categorizing cat sounds is no easy task! After all, many cat vocalizations can mean multiple things.

The behavior known as chuffing was originally used to describe a behavior found in wildcats, but the word can also apply to the soft snort that cats make on occasion.

Read on to find out if your Maine Coon is chuffing, and what it might mean.

Do Maine Coons Chuff?

The Maine Coon cat breed is one of the most popular breeds in the world due to its intelligent, friendly nature, and enormous size.

These cats are well known for being particularly gentle and patient, and they tend to get along well with children and other pets.

They are also known to make many unique vocalizations such as chirps and trills. Learn more about this, in this article I wrote.

If you’ve heard an odd noise coming from your cat lately, you might want to know, what is cat chuffing?

Typically, the word chuffing only refers to behavior found in wildcats.

Also known as prusten, chuffing is the sound wild cats make when they are happy, and it has been compared to purring in domestic cats.

When wild cats chuff, they blow air through their nostrils to make a kind of snort or snuffling sound. They typically bob their heads while doing this.

Many big cats chuff when greeting others of their kind, and it indicates that they are feeling content and friendly.

However, many people use the word chuff to refer to a variety of sounds that domestic cats make, as well.

Although Maine Coons do not chuff in the way that wild cats do, they may make chattering or snorting sounds that some owners and even vets describe as chuffing (source 1).

Why Do Cats Chuff?

Interpreting all the sounds and movements your cat makes can feel next to impossible, especially if your cat starts making bizarre sounds you have never even heard before.

When it comes to chuffing, this sound could have many possible interpretations.

Here are some possible reasons why your cat is chuffing (source 1):


Have you ever tried to pet your cat after it shied away, or pulled away just as your cat has tried to bite you?

If so, you may have heard a sound between a snort and a sigh.

Cat chuffing sometimes refers to the way cats exhale when they are frustrated or grumpy.


Just like humans, cats occasionally sigh.

This is a natural behavior that usually occurs multiple times a day.

Sometimes, sighing can indicate emotions like:

  • Sadness
  • Boredom
  • Contentment

Other times, it is the body’s way of providing more oxygen or releasing tension after a change in activity.


Some black Maine coon cat end up snorting or chuffing in the middle of an exciting play session.

This could just be a sign that your cat is a bit out of breath, or that they are breathing a lot through their nose as they try to catch their favorite toy.


If you are wondering why does my cat chuff at me, it could be a sign that your cat wants something from you.

If your cat makes an odd chattering sound while staring out the window, it usually means that your cat wishes to catch something it sees outside.

Here is a video on Youtube of our two younger 4 year old Maine Coon cats chattering at the birds in the back garden:

Some cats even do this when they cannot reach a toy they like.

Cat behavior specialists posit that this sound expresses the particular frustration cats feel when they wish to hunt something that is out of reach.

Underlying Medical Problems

If your cat makes a chuffing sound frequently, it could be a sign of respiratory problems, asthma, or an infection.

If your cat’s chuffing happens for long periods of time or is accompanied by any other worrying symptoms, you should bring your cat to the vet to rule out any underlying medical issues.

What Does Cat Chuffing Sound Like?

If you have heard of cat chuffing but you are having a hard time imagining what it sounds like, do not be dismayed to learn that the cat chuffing sound can have a lot of different variations.

A chuff of annoyance typically sounds like a:

  • Sigh
  • Snort
  • Huff

If your cat is chuffing at a bird or something it views as prey, it will sound more like chittering or chattering, like a squirrel.

To hear what it sounds like when a cat is frustrated because it cannot catch prey, watch this cat chuffing video on Youtube. Credit for the video goes to the Youtube channel @kisspurr.

Of course, the original meaning of chuffing refers to the sound that wild cats make when greeting one another.

Click here for a one-minute compilation of wild cats chuffing, on Youtube! Credit for the video goes to the Youtube channel @ForTigers-dk1zp.

Is Cat Chuffing Normal?

If your cat has suddenly started chuffing, it is probably not a cause for concern.

In most cases, black Maine coon cat chuff to communicate how they are feeling. For example, many cats snort or chuff while annoyed, and some cats chatter when they want to catch prey.

If your cats’ chuffing sounds more similar to sneezing or coughing, however, it could be a sign of respiratory distress.

Monitor your cat’s symptoms, and take videos to show your vet if you are concerned.

Do House Cats Chuff?

If you have heard of tigers chuffing then you might wonder, do domestic cats chuff?

Cats do not chuff in the same way that wild cats do.

This behavior, also known as prusten, is a very specific vocalization that is only found in wild cats.

However, domestic cats make all sorts of odd noises, including chattering and huffing sounds, which people sometimes refer to as chuffing.

Why Do Cats Chuff At Birds?

If you have ever watched your cat staring out the window and making odd sounds, you might ask yourself, why do Maine Coons chirp at birds?

This is a common behavior found in many domestic cats.

A cat that wants to catch prey but is unable to due to a window or a great distance will feel restless and frustrated.

They open their mouths and make odd chittering sounds as a way to express this emotion.

Some people also wonder, though, if cats make chirping sounds to attract birds and other prey animals, though we still do not know if that is the case.

Do Maine Coons Chuff In The Morning?

Chuffing is a behavior unique to every cat, but it tends to occur based on a cat’s mood rather than the time of day.

If your Maine Coon only chuffs in the morning, it could be a sign that your cat is frustrated that it has not eaten yet, or it may be asking for attention.

Do Maine Coons Purr Loudly?

Even though all Maine Coon cats tend to share some traits, the loudness of a cat’s purr depends solely on the individual.

Some cats purr so quietly you cannot tell unless you put your hand on their throat, while other cats purr so loudly you can hear them across the room!

Why Do Maine Coons Make Weird Noises?

Most cats are known to meow as their main form of communication.

Maine Coons, however, have a unique voice and they tend to vocalize in:

  • Soft Squeaks
  • Chirps
  • Trills

So, why is the Maine Coon’s voice so bizarre compared to other cats?

Unfortunately, nobody knows exactly why Maine Coons make weird noises.

It could have something to do with their intelligent nature, as they are thought to be smarter than many other cat breeds. Read more about this.

Even though their voices are softer, they often have a much wider range of expressive sounds than the typical cat.

Regardless of why they do it, though, most black Maine coon cat lovers can agree that it is just one more thing that makes this breed so special!

Since Maine Coons tend to be quieter than a lot of cat breeds, you may not realize your Maine Coon is hissing if you do not pay close enough attention.

When a cat is feeling distressed, it will open its mouth and hiss, but a quiet hiss may be too soft to hear.

Keep an eye on your cat’s body language; when cats hiss, they tend to flatten their ears, and they may also growl or snort.


If you are wondering do Maine Coons chuff the answer is yes, but perhaps not in the way you imagined!

Wild cats chuff to one another as an expression of greeting, friendliness, or contentment.

Domestic cats can make sounds similar to a chuff, but these sounds express very different feelings.

Sometimes, chuffing can mean that your cat is annoyed, but it can also mean that your cat is feeling restless because it cannot catch prey outside the window.

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