black smoke maine coon

What is black smoke Maine Coon?

What is a Full Grown Black Smoke Maine Coon?

Distinguished by their ‘Black Smoke Maine Coon’ coat of fur, Full Grown Black Smoke Maine Coon kitten are simply one of many unique-looking Maine Coons. 

Often called gentle giants, Maine Coons are large cats with affectionate and playful personalities. The Maine Coon is the largest domesticated cat breed, native to Maine, United States. 

The Main Coon was originally a working farm cat with natural hunting instincts. This breed maintains a solid, muscular structure with a heavy coat which allows them the ability to endure harsh winter climates. 

Main Coons can be found in various solid colours and tabby patterns. For more Maine Coon cat colours, refer to the Maine Coon Cat standards sheets by Cat Fanciers’ Associations.

Black Smoke Maine Coon Features

  • Heavy but silky long fur coat – Black fur with a white undercoat
  • Lion-like muzzle/chin (and sometimes a ruff around the neck)
  • Large, pointy ears with fur that extends out from the ears and ear tips
  • Large, intense yellow/gold eyes (Most common eye colour in the Maine Coon breed). Maine Coon kittens have blue eyes which in time become yellow or gold in colour. 
  • Muscular, broad chest
  • Long, thick and fluffy tail
black smoke maine coon

What is a Maine Coon Cats Full Grown Size?

The Maine Coon is the largest domesticated cat breed. Unlike other cat breeds, the Main Coon is a slow grower, reaching full size between 3 and 5 years old. 

Males: 13-18 lbs

Females: 8-12 lbs

Average Height (full size): 10-16 inches

Average Length (full size): 38 inches

Adorable small kittens at first, it’s hard to believe the transformation into full grown giant cats.

How Long do Maine Coon Cats Live?

The average life expectancy for Maine Coon cats is 12.5 years. Generally a healthy breed, Maine Coon cats typically live anywhere from 10 to 15 years. Naturally, various factors will affect a cat’s life expectancy including; diet, exercise and overall health. 

black smoke maine coon

Do Maine Coon Cats Make Good Pets? 

Maine Coons make for excellent pets with their adaptability and friendly demeanor. Intelligent cats, Maine Coons are also considered more easily trainable. They are the perfect choice for first-time pet owners, families, and homes with dogs or existing cats.  

Should I Get a Black Smoke Maine Coon?

With their large size, Maine Coons need a home with plenty of space to exercise and be cats. Sizable cat trees and perches are a must. 

Black Smoke Maine Coon kitten are not as common as some of the other Maine Coon variations, which in my opinion makes them a very desirable pet. They are beautiful cats with a unique smokey coat of fur and distinctive lion-like facial features. It’s hard not to want one! Looks aside, if you would enjoy having a friendly dog-like cat around, and are ready to commit to daily grooming, a Black Smoke Maine Coon is definitely worth considering. 

Owners Guide for Maine Coon Cats

Want to learn more about Maine Coon cats? Expert breeder, Rosemary Kendall in collaboration with other top breeders wrote the ultimate owners guide for Maine Coon cats. Get expert knowledge about Maine Coons and how to care for them through all stages of life, from kitten to old age. 

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  1. Absolutely amazing people!! 110% effort on everything from communication to making sure the kittens are safe and happy! Had to have my OSH baby flown from their facility to Colorado, and he was lovingly “packed” and comfortable and arrived safe and sound to the airport, purring immediately when I picked him up! They called me every step of the way, letting me know how he was doing, and took the extra care to watch over him when he first arrived from overseas and didn’t feel like eating right away. They made absolutely sure he was healthy, vetted him, and made sure he was comfortable and calm before the second leg of his journey from FL to CO. I will absolutely buy any further kittens through Zeus pride! I couldn’t be happier with their service! They truly care about both the kittens and their new families!

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