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7 Reasons Maine Coons Chirp (According to Vets)

Maine Coon Chirp | Do Maine Coons have a unique meow?

Maine Coon cats are a big, gentle, fluffy, and highly intelligent cat breed. They are perfect first-time pets not just because of how independent they are but because of how good they are with chaos and larger families. Do Maine Coon chirp or have a unique meow? Please click this link to view our available Maine coon kittens for sale or just choose from below.

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They don’t shy from affection and are more than willing to give it to other cats, adults, and children.

They are very social with humans and other cats, making them talkative. Maine Coons tend to make a chirping sound instead of a typical meow, but what they are trying to say can vary. You’ll know by the sound your Maine Coon makes if something is wrong or imperative to know.Chirping can mean several different things coming from a Maine Coon cat. Here are seven reasons why Maine Coons chirp.

Why Do Maine Coon Cats Chirp?

Chirping refers to the sound Maine Coon Cats make when trying to communicate their needs with their owners. It is referred to as a chirp instead of a meow because it sounds very bird-like with its high pitch.

Maine Coon cats also trill, howl, cry, hiss, and chatter, so the reason they make a chirping sound as opposed to one of these other sounds depends on the message they are trying to tell.

Chirping is associated with all kinds of emotions and needs. A majority of chirps signify that your cat is happy. Maine Coon cats are friendly and emotional creatures. If your cat is howling, crying, or hissing, they are likely uncomfortable, angry, or afraid. Chirping is a good sound.

When your Maine Coon trills, it can be hard to distinguish between that and a chirp. The sounds aren’t the same, but the meanings can be very similar. Younger Maine Moons will trill more, for it’s a clingier emotion. These cats are rarely clingy and grow out of it.

Maine Coons chirp out of excitement, for attention, if they spot prey, get in a friendly fight, if they are just simply letting you know they appreciate you or if they’re curious about something.


Maine Coon cats make a chirping sound when they’re happy. It’s likely when you walk in the door after being away the whole day or when you’ve just finished giving them pets and they feel giddy to be around you.

This type of happiness is different from contentment. If they are content, they’ll purr. If they’re happy or excited, their chirping signifies that it’s a burst of emotion.

Attention Seeking

Despite being capable of being alone and independent for a while, Maine Coon cats can still get lonely like every living creature. If they’re feeling more alone than usual, and want some attention, they’ll chirp to get it.

The sound is adorable and gets the job done for most owners, but give them a few pets or cuddles if they’re chirping for attention. They’re loyal and affectionate animals that want the same treatment in return. They don’t ask for much and thrive off of love.

Like most cats, the thrill of the hunt is exciting. It’s even more thrilling for house cats because they aren’t doing it for survival but for fun. It’s the same as them stalking you from around the corner or the toy you’ve dangled above their heads.

Prey Spotted

Whether it’s a feather toy or an actual wandering creature in your home, Maine Coon Cats will chirp with a form of excitement when they spot prey or an object to sneak up on.

maine coon chirp


Being hungry isn’t necessarily a negative emotion until it becomes unbearable. If you hear chirping from your Maine Coon and find them pacing beside an empty food bowl, they’re likely hungry.

Maine Coon cats are incredibly intelligent, so this chirping isn’t a bad sign. Chirping is usually a signal of them alerting you to the fact that their stomach is empty, and they want your help to fill it.


Maine Coon cats are a very playful breed on top of their affections and intelligence. They like to play and just be happy all the time, so they’ll chirp if they get into a friendly scrap with one of your other cats, a toy, or even you.

Like most of these reasons for a Maine Coon to chirp, they are excited, happy sounds. If your Maine Coon was fighting or feeling unsafe, they wouldn’t make chirping sounds during a fight. They’d hiss or growl.


Maine Coons love to cuddle. They are affectionate, friendly, and loveable animals that will chirp to express their love. They are patient and independent but love to love. Your Maine Coon cat chirping at you suddenly may just be their way of reminding you they care and love you.

Not only are Maine Coons happy most of the time, but they’re lovely, too, without being overly clingy. They have an incredible balance in their patience and love, another reason they are perfect pets. 


Maine Coons are described as forever kittens because of their playfulness, affectionate personality, and curious, childlike nature. Chirping can indicate any of the emotions or needs on our list, but it can also be that your cat is wondering what you’re doing or what’s going on.

They want to know everything and be involved in whatever you’re doing. They don’t cross the line of clinginess unless they were raised differently and add an abundance of entertainment to your home and life.


Maine Coon cats are intelligent. They aren’t afraid to speak their mind. These cats chirp for many reasons, and whether it’s out of excitement, a lack of attention that is wanted, or simple curiosity, these cats are vocal about their emotions and needs.

They are one of the most perfect, lovable, and affectionate pets you can own. If your Maine Coon is chirping, they’re likely happy, even if they’re hungry or want more attention. Don’t worry – you will soon learn what your cat’s specific vocalizations mean.

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