maine coon kittens florida

Maine Coon Kittens Florida

The Cost of a Maine Coon Kittens Florida

The cost of Maine Coon kittens Florida has risen all over the country, that’s largely due to supply and demand. In some places Maine coon kittens for sale Florida, you can expect to pay upwards of $3,000 – $4500 which is just, in my mind a “supply and demand” issue that some breeders may or may not be taking advantage of.

On average a Florida Maine Coon kitten here at OptiCoons and MajestiCoons with very long healthy bloodlines currently cost between $2,350 and $2,650.  Our pricing has not changed much over the years and we believe the Maine Coon breed is the best breed of cat overall. Given that,  we want to make Healthy, High Quality and Adorable Maine Coon Kittens for sale at OptiCoons and MajestiCoons available to a larger market segment and not limit it to those who can afford more.

Don’t loose hope, we have available kittens less than $500 for sale. This discount is just for a very limited period of time.

Maine coon kittens for sale
Rafael – Male Maine Coon kitten
How Much Is A Maine Coon Cat

maine coon kittens florida

What is the Cost of a Maine Coon Kitten

Some of our bloodlines are from the foundation lines that are nearly 40 years and have no genetic defects or diseases to be found. Other costs that are associated with the cost of a Maine coon kittens for sale Florida with a goal of breeding and raising quality kittens are pretty much the same from state to state. Here in Florida, all breeders have to comply with health certificates and state regulations.

So when you compare Florida Maine Coon breeders all of our costs are about the same, assuming most are doing all the standard DNA and PCR testing that serious breeders do and properly registering cats with a well know registrar such as TICA.

maine coon kitten

Consider Breeder Awards and Practices – Important!

When considering the cost of a Maine Coon Kitten It really comes down to the breeder’s success rate over the years and their reviews and customer satisfaction which comes from open, ethical, and transparent practices that you the buyer needs to consider. One such consideration that should carry a lot of weight is the breeder’s commitment to ethics and animal husbandry. One such example is TICA’s Outstanding Maine Coon Cattery Award which is a highly sought after but not easy to obtain award given by TICA on an annual basis. Here at OptiCoons and MajestiCoons both of our catteries are back-to-back multiple-year winners.

2 thoughts on “Maine Coon Kittens Florida”

  1. I have truly fell in love with the breed. I am very serious about getting one of the Maine Coone kittens. I am a cat lover since I was a very young child. Most of my cats were Siamese & I loved every one of them just as I do my children. All of my cats have lived a long healthy life up to 19 years. I think they knew how much I loved them all.
    Anyway these are my following questions:

    What do you think about getting one from a rescue?

    Do they get a long with dogs?

    How often do you have kittens for $300? I am truly interested in purchasing one.

    Does the buyer have to pay for transportation as I live in Denver (Aurora) CO?

    Do females cost more?

    I am not interested in breeding at this time, is that a problem if I were to get a kitten from you? I may definitely check it out at a later date though. My daughter is a breeder of Akita puppies, beautiful and loving breed of dogs. I know a lot goes into breeding as I was amazed at all she does. I really hope to learn more from all of you about breeding!!!

    I have heard they are very healthy breed, is that true?

    I feel that I would be a great person to own one and have lots of love to give them. My townhouse is 3 floors at 1476 square feet giving my kitty plenty of room to run & play. My other cats loved the stairs to play on. I have been researching cats for sometime. My cats have all been indoor cats. I think this is also why they have lived so long. However I would love to take my next kitty for walks in the park and drives in the country. No worries I vaccinate all of my animals. Oh all of the above pictures of the cats are beautiful and makes me get goosebumps to think about being an owner of such beautiful animals. I am also a member of ASPCA and WWF I truly love all animals.

    Looking forward to hearing back from you!!!

    Please do not hesitate to contact me at 303-627-1945, and please… if I do not answer leave me a detailed message so I may call you back.

    Kim G Platter

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