Omalia = Polydactyl – Male Maine Coon kitten


Omalia = Polydactyl – Male Maine Coon kitten

Original price was: $2,500.00.Current price is: $500.00.

Breed: Maine Coon
Sex: Male
Champion Bloodlines: Yes
Registered: Yes
Breeding: Spayed/Neutered
Quality: Show Quality
Delivery Area: Kittens can be delivered to all states

Maine Coon Adoption

Are you on the lookout for a charismatic and future-ready Maine Coon Kittens For Sale Under $1000 companion? Look no further! Our cattery presents an exquisite selection of Maine Coon kittens for adoption, each brimming with charm and grace. Among them, you’ll find a special gem – Omalia, a bright representative of the Maine Coon breed, boasting an exceptional color pattern that makes him perfect for breeding purposes.

Omalia is not just a pretty face; he comes fully vaccinated, ensuring a seamless transition to his new loving home. As a responsible cattery, we prioritize the health and well-being of our kittens, and we take pride in offering you a healthy and happy feline friend. Speaking of convenience, we even provide free home delivery on the same day of Maine coon adoption, ensuring a stress-free experience for you and your new fur baby.

McKenzy Maine Coon Cattery is home to an array of breathtaking Maine Coon kittens, both male and female, awaiting their forever homes. These magnificent felines have been imported from Russia and Europe, a testament to their remarkable pedigree. When selecting our breeding parents, we maintained the highest standards, aiming for nothing less than exceptional offspring. The result is a litter of kittens that inherit the best qualities of their lineage.

Adopt Maine Coon Kittens

We firmly believe in nurturing our kittens with love and care right from the start. As part of our commitment to their well-being, they are raised in our home, surrounded by the affection of our children and other pets. This socialization process ensures that our Maine Coons grow up to be affectionate and well-adjusted companions.

Rest assured, our kittens come TICA registered, guaranteeing their pedigree and authenticity. They also arrive pre-spoiled and well-prepared, having received all necessary vaccinations and worming treatments. This is a testament to our dedication to responsible breeding and the happiness of our kittens.

If you’re seeking a Maine Coon kitten from a reputable cattery and a loving environment, you’ve found the perfect match. Our small cattery emphasizes quality over quantity, ensuring that each kitten receives the utmost care and attention.

Regardless of where you reside, distance won’t be a barrier to bring home your new feline friend. We offer shipping services to all states and Canada; simply contact us for pricing and additional details. Whether you’re near or far, our kittens can’t wait to find their way into your heart and home.

Maine Coon Kittens for Sale Under $1000

The Maine Coon breed is often referred to as “gentle giants,” and our precious kittens embody this reputation perfectly. Their affectionate nature, combined with their majestic appearance, makes them the ultimate companions for any cat lover, adopt Maine coon today and enjoy same day delivery nationwide.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to bring home one of these enchanting Maine coon kittens for adoption. Open your heart and home to a loving feline companion and experience the joy that only a Maine Coon can bring. Adopt your very own bundle of joy today and discover a bond that will last a lifetime. Maine coon adoption awaits you!

We offer only 2 types of delivery for your Maine coon kittens for sale under $1000:

Cargo Air Delivery. We use DeltaCargo, AmericanAirlines, United airlines(PetSafe) and Alaska airlines as our main carriers to ship purebred Maine coon kittens for sale. Delivery is available to your nearest airport with their facility. We book flight and give you all needed information and tracking number to pick your kitten up. You have to show your ID and AWB number at the airlines facility or your home.

Air Delivery By a Pet Nanny: Air pet transport by a pet Nanny is the best way to fly your loved one. Your pet will fly with an experienced and trusted nannies to any destination in the USA and Canada. This is by far the best way to fly any pet under 40 pounds. Pet transport can often be a stressful experience. When most people fly their pet, they put them in the cargo hold of an airplane, which could kill them! Rather than putting their life at risk, you should utilize our air pet transport by Nanny! Contact us for the cost to adopt Maine coon today.


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