maine coon water

Bizarre Reasons Why Maine Coons Like Water

Maine Coon Water

| Bizarre Reasons Why Maine Coons Like Water

Known for their thick, semi-water-repellent fur and playful water bowl antics, you might be wondering do Maine Coon cats like water? Or, do they simply tolerate it?

Maine Coon cats are known for loving water, possibly due to their semi-water-repellent thick fur. These large cats enjoy playing with water, and can often be found patting the water in their pet fountain. Unlike normal cats, Maine Coons are not fussed about getting wet, and many even enjoy being bathed!

Keep reading to discover why these beautiful cats are obsessed with water.

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Do Maine Coon Cats Like Water?

Maine Coon cats are one of the largest domesticated cat breeds in the world, thought to be a descendant of the Norwegian Forest Cat.

Having originated in the State of Maine, these former wild cats are not frightened nor scared by water, but instead, intensely fascinated by it!

It is thought the Maine Coon’s semi-water-repellent thick fur coat is a key reason why this large cat breed likes water and enjoys playing with it.

These highly-intelligent felines love to be mentally stimulated, which when combined with a love of water, has led to some Maine Coon owners reporting that their Maine Coon has learned to turn the faucet on!

Unlike normal domestic cat breeds, many owners have successfully trained their Maine Coons to bathe in the bathtub. This is a pretty useful achievement if they need to clean a dirty Maine Coon cat!

Although less common, some Maine Coon cats also enjoy swimming! Take a look at YouTube to see Maine Coon cats swimming with the assistance of life jackets!

Why Do Maine Coons Like Water?

The history of the Maine Coon cat breed, plus their semi-water-repellent fur are thought to be key reasons why Maine Coons like water so much.

Below we review how these factors, plus others help explain the purebred Maine Coons fascination with water:

1. The History Of The Maine Coon Cat

The Maine Coon cat breed’s history has been shrouded in mystery for many years and is unlikely to ever be truly known!

Despite this, many Maine Coon myths formed to explain where these large cats came from. These include:

  • Maine Coon Mated With A Raccoon
  • Descendant of the Norwegian Forest Cat
  • They have a royal heritage!

The theory that a Maine Coon mated with a raccoon arose due to the similarity between these two species i.e. love of water, physically similar, and great hunters, etc.

Although this theory has proved popular over the years, scientists debunked the suggestion and claimed it to be biologically impossible!

Another popular folktale was that Maine Coons are a direct descendant of the Norwegian Forest Cat, one of the largest domestic cat breeds in the world.

Norwegian Forest Cats are thought to have been former Viking Ship Cats, whom Vikings kept on their ships to help control the mice population.

This Maine Coon myth claims these long-haired ship cats mated with pre-existing short-haired domestic cats residing in Maine when the ship docked.

If this myth is true, it is possible that the Maine Coons love of water descends from its historical roots as a ship cat.

If the final legend of the Maine Coon really is true, it means these majestic felines are related to Marie Antoinette and her six Turkish Angora cats!

History tells us that when Marie Antoinette (former Queen of France) fled France during the French Revolution she took six of her treasured Turkish Angora cats on the ship with her.

Although she was captured and executed in 1793, her six Turkish Angora long-haired cats made it to Maine, United States, where it is thought they bred with short-haired domestic cats residing in Maine.

2. Some Cat Breeds Love Water

The Maine Coon is not the only cat breed that loves playing in water.

Below are some other cat breeds that love water:

  • Turkish Angora
  • Japanese Bobtail
  • American Bobtail
  • Turkish Van
  • Manx
  • Abyssian
  • Norwegian Forest Cat

If the tale of the Maine Coon being related to the Norwegian Forest Cat is true, this helps explain why this large cat breed enjoys playing in the water.

Additionally, the same is true if there is a link between the Turkish Angora and Maine Coon cat breeds.

3. Maine Coons Prefer Fresh Water

Maine Coons always prefer to drink fresh running water, and can often be found patting the water in their bowl before drinking it, to ensure the water is fresh.

They are particularly fond of drinking water from a pet water fountain with fresh running water.

Whether this Maine Coon behavior is instinctual or not, it helps indicate that this large cat breed is comfortable around water.

4. Natural Swimmers

Maine Coon cats have thick, semi-water-repellent fur that helps to keep them warm and dry in the rain.

Despite their fur not being 100% waterproof, however, some Maine Coon cats have shown themselves to be confident swimmers, too!

If bathed as a kitten by their owners, many Maine Coons enjoy bathing as adults.

5. Very Curious

The Maine Coon cat’s natural curiosity may help to explain why these big cats love playing in water because these intelligent felines love to play and get into mischief.

6. Water Repellent Fur

The Maine Coon cat has thick, three-layered semi-water-repellent fur that keeps them warm in frigid cold weather.

Despite their fur not being 100% waterproof, they are not bothered if water gets on them like the average domestic cat is.


So, do Maine Coon cats like water?

The Maine Coon personality is loving and friendly and has its own unique quirks and personality traits. One such Maine Coon characteristic is their love of water!

No one knows for sure why these large cats love playing with water, though many cat experts suggest the reason may relate to the Maine Coon cat’s history as a ship cat.

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