World Record Largest Maine Coon Cat

Meet Barivel: The World’s Biggest House Cat

World Record Largest Maine Coon Cat

| Who Is Barivel the Cat?

World Record Largest Maine Coon Cat

Barivel the Cat is a six-year-old Maine coon that currently holds the World Record Largest Maine Coon Cat and longest-living house cat. He was named the longest house cat by Guinness World Records in 2018. So far, there have yet to be any cats to challenge his position. His reign succeeds the previous title holder, a Maine coon named Ludo. Barivel, full grown world record largest Maine coon cat, stole the title with just 1 extra inch of length!

How Big Is Barivel the Cat?

So just how big is the largest house cat in the world? Barivel measures in at a whopping 120 centimeters in length, which means he is 3 feet and 11 inches long! Barivel’s measurements were taken in 2018 when he was just two years old. Since Maine coon cats grow until they reach four years of age, he might be even longer now! Barivel’s size is truly incredible, and his Guinness World Record photos show just how mighty this feline is!

“A lot of people, when I post a photo, ask in a direct message if he is photoshopped.” – Edgar, one of Barivel’s owners quote to Guinness World Records

How Old Is the World’s Biggest House Cat?

Barivel the full grown world record largest Maine coon cat was born in 2016, so he is six years old as of early 2023. Maine coons have an average lifespan of 12 to 15 years, so Barivel will likely hold his record for many years. Barivel lives a pampered life that promotes optimal health. So, unless another hefty cat swoops in and steals his title, he is sure to maintain his reign!

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Where Does the World’s Biggest House Cat Live?

Barivel, the World Record Largest Maine Coon Cat, lives in a town called Vigevano. Vigevano is located just south of Milan in Pavia Province, located within the beautiful country of Italy. Barivel lives with his adoring owners Chinzia and Edgar, along with their children, in a beautiful home. There is no lack of love for Barivel in this family!

“He is a very special cat for us because he is a little shy… when people see him they are very shocked, but for us, he is a little gift… a big gift!” – Edgar, one of Barivel’s owners quote to Guinness World Records

The name Barivel actually means “clown” in his local Italian language. But it sounds like this massive feline is much more reserved than his name implies. His family states that he is very laid back and timid, which makes his name even more ironic.

Are All Maine Coon Cats as Big as Barivel?

Maine coons are generally much larger than their domestic friends, but not all of them are as big as Barivel. The average Maine coon is typically anywhere from about 1 foot 3 inches to 3 foot 3 inches long. While even a small Maine coon can be impressively large, it is uncommon for them to reach Barivel’s measurements.

How Do I Keep Up with Barivel’s Life?

After learning about this stunning feline friend, we know you want to keep up with Barivel’s life! To stay up to date on all of Barivel’s content, follow his official Instagram account here.

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